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The Arya perfume company story.
Est. 2012

Arya perfume company was created by Andrea and Dimitri.
It’s what can happen when a herbalist meets a jeweller and gets serious about distilling beautiful things discovered in nature.

Together they spent 5 years crossing the landscape between the agrarian richness of the cold highlands of Daylesford and the mediterranean Mildura. Then on a late Spring evening in Mildura, the rich scent of the flowering native Frangipani brought the idea of Arya perfume company to their table.

Their passion is to use the ancient Alembic distilling methods to infuse and blend botanicals to make exquisite perfumes. They work with traditional methods, completely from nature to make slow perfumes.

Their perfumes express their shared belief in nature – that nature is powerful and arousing and that it can heal and soothe. They bring this into each perfume, the sensuous hand-turned timber closures and their selection of organic and sustainably harvested wildcraft botanicals.

They are designing perfumes to evoke the beauty that exists in the parched lightness of the Mallee desert and the earthy aromatics of the winter forest … salt bush sharp with morning dew, the sweet foresty resin from Liquidambars, frost condensed grassy notes of violet leaves … these form the palette for the Arya infusions.

Dimitri brings his cultural knowledge of distilling and design sensibility to Andrea’s botanical experience with the noble plants that arouse and elevate our mind to express in the perfumes.
Arya perfume company is an adventure into nature, held by their mutual olfactory awareness.


Artist credit in photo: burnished ceramic bowls by our good friend, master ceramicist Petrus Spronk