Arya perfume co. introduces the noble art of slow perfume making. Slow perfume arouses sensory curiosity that speaks of intimacy and healing.

It subtly interacts with your body’s natural chemistry and evolves with your unique persona. At Arya perfume co. we use only organic botanicals and protected wildcrafted plants. We distill them through an Alembic still to produce pure plant oils and hydrolat extracts.

We hand-blend, perfume-craft and infuse into organic alcohol and Jojoba oil. We hand-fill each bottle and vial, then label and seal with hand-crafted timber closures.
Arya perfume co. stands against the toxic synthetics and hormone disruptors used in most mainstream perfumes. We turn away from the comet trails of synthetic fragrance that waft by at street level. We strive to be plastic-free, mindful of our footprint on the planet.

We test our perfumes on our friends because we embrace non-harm. We take our time and it rewards us, and our clientele, exquisitely.